What the mind believes the body achieves


Last night I was once again a guest on Zaheen Nanji‘s Blog Talk Radion show called Fat to Thin. You can listen to the full recording by clicking the play button on the Blog Talk Radio link below, or keep reading for a good idea of what we discussed.

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There’s a quote that goes: “What the mind believes, the body achieves.

Top athletes know this, which is why they use visualization as part of their training. They visualize the best-case scenario of their performance, they visualize being on the podium, they feel like a champion even before they compete. Successful entrepreneurs, musicians, and successful regular people do this too.

So how do you achieve self-confidence?

You have to remember that you are in charge and in control of your thoughts so don’t be passive and give in to the negative chatter that goes on in your brain. Up to 90% of a person’s thoughts is a constant loop of the same negative chatters just playing over and over and over again. That’s not productive. You have to replace those thoughts with positive ones and today I want to talk about the power of affirmations.


Newsflash, affirmations are not just for Stuart Smalley. (Remember him? I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me!)

Affirmations are short, positive declarations that you repeat to yourself, kind of like a mantra, as often as necessary. The body is constantly listening for cues on how to behave, affirmations can be that not-so-subtle cue that you want to change a certain behaviour or acquire particular good traits. You’re actually TELLING the body what you want it to do, and you can use them to change the way you see yourself.

Some people will start their day and end their evening with affirmations. Other people might write down one or two affirmations and keep them in a place where they will see them several times each day.

Affirmations can be like a secret weapon that you have stashed in your back pocket in emergency situations like at this time of year when people bring their leftover Halloween candy to the office.  A good affirmation for that is “I only eat nourishing foods that contribute to my excellent health”.

What if affirmations feel awkward or phony?

Don’t forget that no one has asked you to get up in front of a crowd with these affirmations. They are personal, for you only (unless you want to share them with someone). So there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about.

Know that it gets easier with practice. Because when you start a new affirmation, you might not believe it yet. And as you eventually convince yourself that it’s the truth, it becomes easier to repeat and to believe. I love the quote “fake it till you make it”.  Pretend that you believe your new affirmation until you do, in fact, believe it.

Also, you can word your affirmations so they don’t seem completely out-of-this-world unbelievable. For instance, a person who is over 100 lbs overweight might have real difficulty believing an affirmation like “I’m super fit and I wear a size 6.” Instead, that person could try saying “I enjoy healthy foods and exercise; my weight loss journey is empowering”.

Another last tip for people who feel really awkward saying affirmations is to write them down to start. Once you become more comfortable, you can say them in your head. And then you can advance to saying them out loud!

Here are a few examples:

Affirmations for athletes:
I run fast.
I am a fierce competitor.
I have great endurance.
I am dedicated to my training.
I am motivated to practice.

Affirmations for weight loss:
I have full ability to control my weight.
My appetite is easily satisfied with a small amount of food.
I am strong and healthy.
My appetite for fattening foods has dissolved.
I do a healthy amount of exercise regularly.

Affirmations for students:
I always complete my assignments on time.
Learning new things is a challenge and I love challenges.
I thrive and I succeed at school! Learning is my gateway to an abundant future.
I always arrive at lectures on time.
I absorb knowledge and understanding easily.

Affirmations for parents:
I always pay attention to what my child says and give an appropriate response.
I understand that my child is a separate individual and I give him/her enough space for his/her individuality.
I am a great parent and I get better each and every day.
I am an inspiring role model to my children.
I am the most important influence in my child’s life.

Next week, I’ll talk a little more about some other ways to boost your self-confidence. This week, however, try some affirmations!! If you want to share a good one, put it in the comments section below.
Natalie Duhamel

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